Chapter 1 - Introduction

Project management overview

Recurring themes – PMI-isms


Chapter 2 - Project Management Framework

Definition of a project

What is project management

What is a program

Triple constraint stakeholder management  organizational structure lifeCycle

Project management process

Practice exam


Chapter 3 - Project Management Processes

Rita’s Process Chart Initiating Process Group Planning Process Group Execution Process Group

Monitoring and Controlling Process Group

Closing Process Group

Inputs and Outputs

Practice Exam


Chapter 4: Integration Management

Develop ProjectCharter

Develop Preliminary Project Scope Statement

Develop Project Management Plan

Directand Manage Project Execution

Monitorand Control Project Work

Integrated Change Control

Close Project



Chapter 5 - Scope Management

Scope Planning

Scope Definition


Scope Verification Scope Control Practice Exam


Chapter 6 - Time Management

Schedule Management Plan


Activity Sequencing(AON,AOA…)

Activity Resource Estimating

Activity Duration Estimating

Schedule Development (Pert,CriticalPath, Slack..) Schedule Control

Practice Exam


Chapter 7 - Cost Management

Cost Management Plan

Cost Estimating

Cost Budgeting

Cost Control

Accounting Standards

Practice Exam


Chapter 8 - Quality Management


Definition Of Quality Management

Quality Theorists

Quality Planning

Perform Quality Assurance

Perform Quality Control/Seven Basic Tools Of Quality

Practice Exam


Chapter 9 - Human Resource


Roles and Responsibilities

Human Resource Planning

Acquire Project Team

Develop Project Team

Manage Project Team

Practice Exam


Chapter 10 - Communication Management

Communications Planning

Information Distribution

Performance Reporting

Manage Stakeholders

Practice Exam