APICS Board of Directors

The APICS Board of Directors consists of a team of 17 industry leaders who have been nominated and elected to serve. These professionals provide industry insight, guidance, and recommendations as they work to further the advancement of the operations management community.

APICS districts

The global APICS community is divided into 9 North American districts, and 4 districts outside North America, including Asia-Pacific, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East and Africa. Within APICS districts, APICS partners provide direct services to supply chain and operations management professionals. Each APICS district has dedicated resources to help partners in its territory meet the community’s needs.

APICS corporate and local volunteers

Nearly 2,000 APICS volunteers worldwide dedicate more than 180,000 hours annually to help APICS provide the valuable education, certification, and membership services APICS members depend on. These volunteers also develop the educational and certification content, produce relevant industry content and research, and identify priorities and opportunities for APICS.

APICS staff

APICS staff is dedicated to providing the best possible products and benefits in the industry. The APICS staff works out of APICS corporate offices in Chicago, Illinois, USA, to guide APICS efforts across the globe and bring you the highest possible level of service.